We've built Devfolio to be a fairly simple and easy-to-use platform to participate in and host great hackathons. The walkthroughs below provide an overview of using it.

Hackathon modes

Here's a quick note on the hackathon modes on Devfolio first. Hackathons on Devfolio can be set up in 3 modes:

Application Review Hackathons

The Offline and Online with Application Review modes have a review process through which organizers can choose to filter hacker applications. These are collectively referred to as Application Review hackathons. Both these modes have an identical application flow and project submission process with appropriate copy differentiating them for the hackers.

Only hackers selected by the organizers are allowed to make final project submissions during the project submission period for hackathons set up in this mode.

Suitable for

Organizers who wish to have control over who gets to submit projects at their hackathons. Leads to a lower number of project submissions of higher quality in general and adds to the exclusivity of participating in the hackathon. The tradeoff is having some more moving parts in the application flow for the hackers.

Online Hackathons

Online hackathons without an application review process are just referred to as Online mode hackathons on Devfolio. All hackers who submit their profiles to these hackathons can make final project submissions during the submission period. Both individuals and teams can submit projects in online hackathons.

Suitable for

Organizers who want anyone to be able to submit a project at their hackathon without any selection process. These hackathons have a lot less moving parts in their application flow. Generally, they lead to a larger number of project submissions trading off control over the projects' quality and a larger project submission judging overhead.

Hackathon Setup


Hackathons can be set up by Devfolio users using their account credentials on org.devfolio.co. Please sign up for an account on devfolio.co if you don't already have one. The setup process takes about 15 mins to complete, after which the community team may be contacted to formalize the association and take applications live. The hackathons can be set up in a suitable mode, as described in the walkthrough video.

Hackathon Application Flow

Application Review Hackathons


In Application Review hackathons, once hackers apply and subsequently submit their profiles for review, they await application decisions from the hackathon organizer. Once accepted for the hackathon, they are expected to confirm their participation by RSVPing and get themselves checked-in by the organizing team. Teams of minimum two members are able to submit projects during the submission period

Online Hackathons


Once hackers apply and submit their profiles for online hackathons, they are all set to submit their projects during the submission period as either individuals or part of a team.

Projects Submissions

Application Review Hackathons


During the submission period, checked-in teams are able to submit their project through their dashboards by filling in the required fields. Project submissions are immediately publicly visible on the Devfolio hackathon microsite i.e., hackathon-name.devfolio.co

Online Hackathons


Both individuals and teams can submit projects during the hackathon submission period through their dashboards. Hackers can save project drafts and edit them before submitting them for judging, after which they become publicly visible on the Devfolio hackathon microsite.

Organizer Dashboard

Application Review Hackathons


The organizer dashboard for application review hackathons is used by organizers to manage the entire application flow for the hackers, including reviewing profiles and sending out application decisions apart from tracking essential metrics related to the hackathon.

Online Hackathons


The organizer dashboard for online hackathons is used to track important metrics, view hacker profiles, and manage the hackathon for the hackers.

Winner Announcement